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Welcome to Math Can Be Fun!

We have created this website as a a resource for parents, teachers, and students who are looking for ways to have fun with math. The activities and games are aligned with the Ontario Math Curriculum for Junior and Intermediate Students.

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Tips for Adults "doing math" with Kids

If we want our children to become successful in mathematics, we need to promote a positive math environment. As parents and teachers, the best way we can do this is to:

Be Positive
Your support and encouragement means the world to your child.

"Great idea. Way to go!"
"I know you can figure this out."

Be Patient
Encourage your child to take their time. Parents often try to "rescue" their children by giving them the answer. 

"Take your time."
"Is there another strategy you could try?"

Encourage Understanding
To truly understand math, students need to go beyond simply memorizing. 

"Does your answer make sense?"
"Explain how you know you are right."