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Web Links

We estimate that there are several million math websites already in cyberspace. Instead of attempting to list all of them, we have decided to list a few of the best. Enjoy!

Our Favourite Math Web Sites 

http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/mathematics/ebook_assets/vmf/VMF-Interface.html- This is an online math manipulative website.

http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/ - An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

http://matti.usu.edu/nlvm/nav/vlibrary.html - This is a great collection of "Virtual Manipulatives" - interactive, web-based activities or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets.

http://www.figurethis.org/ - This website's purpose is to "Help families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging, high-quality challenges". Loads of great math problems.

http://www.mathcanbefun.com/times - How to Learn your Multiplication Facts

http://www.oame.on.ca/CLIPS/ - Online Fraction Learning Module

http://www.onlineloancalculator.org/resources/kids-calculation-tools.php - This website has links to some great online calculators.

Online Math Games

http://www.multiplication.com/interactive_games.htm - Interactive Online Multiplication Games.

http://enchantedmind.com/puzzles/solitaire/solitaire.html - Online Peg Solitaire...fun but very frustrating.

http://enchantedmind.com/puzzles/tangram/tangram.html - Tangram puzzles

http://www.spikesgamezone.com/gameZfree/vex/index.html - Vex

http://enchantedmind.com/puzzles/mastermind/mastermind.html - Online Mastermind

http://www.mazeworks.com/hanoi/ - The Famous Towers of Hanoi puzzle

Interesting Math Web Sites

http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/polarclock/ - A very interesting online clock. Can you figure out how it works?

http://www.cyberglass.biz/customflash/ghostwhisperer/ - Can you figure out what the math pattern is? Why does this always work?