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Math Games

Everyone likes playing games. The games listed here are some of our favourite math games. Some of these are so much fun that you won't even realize that you are using your math skills. Remember, any game that involves strategy forces you to use your logical reasoning skills.

Fraction Action

How to set-up the game:
A) Roll 2 dice ( number cubes). Them make a fraction or decimal with the numbers. For example, if you roll a 2 and a 5, you can make 2/5, 5/2 5.2 or 2.5.
B) Write your fraction or decimal on a blank card.
C) On a 2nd card, draw a picture that matches your decimal or fraction.
D) Roll the dice (number cubes) again and make 2 new cards. Keep going until you have 5 pairs of cards or more.

How to play: Match pairs of cards like in the game of concentration.
1) Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down. Pick up two cards and if their values match, you get to keep them. If the cards don't match, turn them over again and let your opponent take their turn.
2) Keep playing until all cards are matched. The player with the most cards wins.

Search for the $1.00 Words

1) Assign values to letters from A to Z as shown.  A=$0.01  B=$0.02  C=$0.03 ... Z=$0.26

2) Work with your family to see how many words you can find that are worth $1.00 exactly. 

Beat the Dealer

How to set-up the game:
You will need a deck of cards with the 10s and face cards removed. Choose a dealer.
How to play:
1) The dealer deals three cards to each player.
2) Use the numbers from your three cards to make a division statement. You may use the numbers in any order.
3) Divide. Record your work. The remainder is your score. If the remainder is 0, you score 10 points.
4)The first person to get 30 points wins.


How to set-up the game:
A) You will each need grid paper.
B) Each player labels the squares on the grid; 1 to 10 vertically, A to J horizontally.
C) Shade:
4 squares for 1 battleship
3 squares for 2 cruisers 
2 squares each for 4 destroyers
1 square each for 2 submarines

How to play:
1) Take turns to say the coordinates of a square. Record the coordinates.
2) If your partner has a ship on that square, that ship is hit.
3) When you hit all the squares of a ship, the ship sinks.
4) The person who sinks all his or her partner's ships wins. 

He Shoots, He Scores

How to play: Create the greatest product.

1) Each player rolls 1 die (number cube) and records the digit in 1 of the spaces on their own game card.
____ x ____ ____ ____ =
2) Players take turns rolling and recording until all 4 spaces have a digit. Once a digit is record in _____ (a space), it cannot be changed.
3) Calculate the product.
4) The player with the greatest product wins.

Store Bought Games

Here are a bunch of store bought games that make great presents for kids and adults.

Classic "Board" Games that use Math Skills and Strategies

  • Mastermind, Battleship, Monopoly

Newer Games that use Math Skills and Strategies

  • Quarto, Gobblet, Set